Createvo for Talent Agencies

All in one platform for growth-minded agents

Take advantage of tools designed to get your agency and talents to grow faster

Meet the iScore

An undisputed universal score that let you benchmark your talents and act as a single reference to drive their growth.

Research any creator

Our database covers influencers of all levels, from all walks of life and on multiple platforms.

Equip your talents with the tools to succeed

Createvo mobile app for Talents provides additional insights to help them forge a deeper audience connection and generate better branded content performance.

Grow your revenue using a performance-led platform

Manage your branded campaigns with your talents on Createvo and unlock additional revenue-generating opportunities.
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What are the additional revenue generating opportunities?

Createvo helps you pitch your talents for longer term projects and helps you justify their added value through having visibility on what makes them stand out.

Is Createvo a marketplace or a Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]?

Createvo is a software-as-a-service, offering you a performance-driven approach to managing influencer programs and campaigns.
Marketplaces present multiple challenges that prevent yielding efficiencies for your influencer marketing dollar, and publicizes your brand strategies among competing brands.

Why should I ask the influencer to download the Createvo app?

The Createvo app simplifies performance with the iScore, and grants them real-time access to additional insights not provided by the social platforms such as their audience interests.

Let us come up with the right package designed around your needs